Poker Chip Tricks For Beginner Poker Players

Poker Players

One of the main strategy is to appear confident while playing poker, and one best way to do it is by learning poker chip tricks. These tricks require practice, concentration and coordination. This is extremely important when it comes to catching a bluff. Some tricks you can use, which will make you seen natural is the poker chip trick to help get you started.

Knuckle roll

This is one of the most common tricks that every poker dealer plays, which shows other the character that they are well adept at poker. This trick might seem complicated, but it is quite easy to pull off. All you need is a poker chip and try to roll it across your fingers. It is much easier than it looks, but you might need a lot of practise before you are able to make it look natural. This trick is much better if you want to call out someone’s bluff, it gives you the attention and creates an assumption that you know what you are doing.

Chip twirl

This is a much easier trick if you have control over the chip, practice is the key. The chip twirl requires you to use three chips instead of one. It is important that you first practise the mechanism of the poker, which can automatically give you more control over the poker chip. This is a nice trick, which makes it look that you have learned the trick casually. One tip to make this trick work is to do it fast, doing this trick fast may lead to fails, but this is an excellent trick when you have to showoff.


Thumb flip

Thump flip is probably the most rewarding as it is much easier than any other twirl or roll. It is not just easy to learn but is also simple to master. You need multiple chips once you ave learned the basics like fine movements which should not take long and increase the speed. This is a move you make when you have to impress others while distracting others. Although easy practice as the trick needs to be done at a fast pace, and this can lead to falls, which can throw the impression of being an amateur at poker.


Shuffle is easies to learn but not master. The steps are extremely simple but require to practise as the chips might fall even before the step completion. If there are more chips, this step will be easy to do but needs even a number of chips in the set for smooth movements. Once you learn, it is much easier, and you do not have to struggle while people stand there, guessing how you did the trick.

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